Nadia Bekkers

Nadia envisions that the established networks and logistics of the “arts” will pop bubbles, desegregate societies and open up different experiences of reality. Convinced that “reality is what we think it is,” encouraged by the potential of the plasticity that exists in the way species experience reality she believes that softer and more sustainable realities are possible.

In her performance work she aims to present her pieces as “live” videoclips, each performance being unique, creating the time and space for the different materials to enhance each other,  to allow that which can only be created in collaboration. She is strongly inspired by writers such as Gloria E Anzaldúa, Ben Okri, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Octavia Butler and is fascinated by using the lighting in her work to create an atmosphere reminiscent of magic realism.

After extensive adventures including traveling and working within a nomadic circus, she has been based in Amsterdam for the last 6 years. In 2016 she graduated from the Theaterschool of Amsterdam in Choreography (SNDO). Nadia explores many ways to challenge systems that continue to oppress and exploit it’s people. Tripping over the contradictions, the glossy lies and the acknowledgement of the extreme acts of violence contemporary economic structures are fuelled by, she considers herself an activist, alongside her artistic work, with her organizing and supporting events directed mainly at issues concerning structures of oppression, in particular those of gender and racism.