Movement Workshop: Processing is Movement

Amsterdam, Netherlands · Jacuzzi

Movement Workshop: Processing is Movement

Venue Details

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 106, Amsterdam, Netherlands

General information

In this workshop I will guide you through several exercises pulling from movement research, games, mindfulness, imagination exploration, theatre improvisation, Alexander technique and some collective practices of music, dance and healing. These exercises are designed to help you “drop” into your body, locate tensions, look at habits, discover new ways of moving and most importantly to be playful and enjoy moving together. Through this collective experience I offer a space for processing whatever you want and need to in that moment.

Outline of the workshop

  • Check in
  • Short meditation
  • Body directions/posture
  • Isolations
  • Looking at habits
  • Collective moving
  • Rhythm and sound circle
  • Feedback

*To participate I ask a donation (5-10 euro recommended) which you can pay in cash or transfer to me online after the workshop. If you are lacking funds, that’s no problem. I don’t want money be the barrier for you not coming.


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