Invocations – Uprisings on Translucid Battlefields

The thread of the piece is grounded in the statement  “I must imagine beyond the impossible, because the possible already feels impossible” Living with the consciousness that the world we exist in functions and survives on the exploitation of land, people and resources which benefit a select elite is painful reality, yet at the same time this pain is a motivation to challenge and change this reality. My work engages with the thought, “Reality is what you think it is.” In my newest piece, I examine the exploitation of ideologies, ideologies which shape our morals and values, the way we look at ourselves and the world outside us. I approach ideology as a resource which is continuously colonised by those in power. I present a versatile and complex collage of identity, an identity searching for a belief in a spiritual reason for my existence. Grappling with my identities is a summoning of energy and the drive to stay motivated, to keep hope and to keep fighting. Uprisings are crucial for toxic systems to collapse. This piece is an invocation to the self, to examine how I have internalised these realities constructed by the powerful in order to understand how I can undo them. Through grappling with the self, I desire to communicate the power we all have as humans, to challenge the borders of reality imposed on us and to create beyond the limits we have internalised.