Life is a joke that is not really a joke

I can hear the trickster god laughing. Watching as we bang around in our cages. Watching how we poke each others eyes out, how we put each other down. How we worship our fake freedom. How we aim for something we will never reach. How sticky the web has become and how scary the lack of awareness is.

The shadows of imprisoned beings follow me

The shadows of people struggling to breath follow me

The shadows of isolated lonely old people in hospital like homes follow me

Meanwhile the stolen gold is still holding up their thrones

As long as this system of exploitation continues to celebrate our destruction

I will face the face of oppressor with great pride, with pity and with compassion

This world is not what they want me to see

I am not the victim they want me to be

Their easy distractions don’t capture me

The easy entertainment doesnt satisfy me

I long to go deep and when I do, I see

That my reason for existence, is my reason for resistance

my reason for existence, my reason for resistance