Workshop: Processing is Movement

We are constantly bombarded with so many stimuli and they nestle in our bodies in different ways. Movement is a space for bodies to process stimuli and thought. Hence movement can help us process and give care to the body. Movement is a space to let go of stress and (self) judgements towards the body. Movement also helps us build community. It is a moment to give attention to your body, an attempt to de-center the individual body and converse with the potentials of collectivism and community. Communal movement helps us regenerate.

  Collective movement practices have always existed, often in the shape of dances. Dances for example celebrations, losses, preparations for battles, acknowledging different passages in individuals lives and the life around us. In many urban contemporary societies these spaces have been disappearing. We will not be doing any formal dances or choreographies. We will use exercises to become more aware of the anatomy of the body, how we move, how we could move, to locate tensions and work on relieving them. The exercises are inspired from movement research, games, mindfulness, imagination exploration, circus, theater improvisation, Alexander technique and collective practices of music, dance and healing.

The exercises that flow energies in our bodies accommodate various interests and ask you to work with your own motivation and curiosities.

We will work with various sonic and musical elements (including silence). It’s a very playful set-up and there is no right or wrong way to do the exercises. There will be plenty of room for improvisation and for your imagination, enjoy it and let yourself be surprised by yourself.

I’ve given this workshop among others at: SNDO, CutieBPoc, Jacuzzi, Curepark, TAAK, RQR Festival, French Feminist Circus.

Workshop Impression